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In Good Fashion
Morgan Olson

By Julia Romeo

I first meet the great Aries force that is Morgan Olson 3 years ago, at a Pin Up Girls show, at The Eagle in Silverlake.

She’s trying to coerce me into putting my group The Pin Up Girls on a new reality TV show- Tila Tequila’s ‘A Shot At Love.’ At the time she’s casting for MTV but I’ll soon find there’s so much more to this Jack of all trades. She’s persistent and she comes to another P.U.G. show in L.A. and then meets up with the group at Kung Pow Kitty on Hollywood Blvd. I know two things for certain at this point: 1. I do not by any means want a shot at love with some mysterious celebrity. 2. Miss Morgan is persistent- the type of girl who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants head on. She’s a chameleon as much in appearance as in everything else she touches- one month a blond, the next a redhead, perhaps a yearlong stint of jet black. So stunning is this couturier that one would just as soon expect to see her walking down the runway; were she not too busy creating the cunning catwalk looks.

When did you decide to do an eco-friendly line?

I have been doodling this idea for 7 years now and all my sketchbooks have random pages about recycling ideas for clothing. The green skirt in my collection now, is from 6 years ago when I was working for Antik Denim. I was inspired by the denim, and decided to recycle a vintage pencil skirt, and mix it with recycled denim parts. I have always wanted to make my own clothing collection, but after my working experience I was really disturbed by how messy and harmful the process was for people and our planet. Making clothing really destroys the planet by polluting our water, making lots of unnecessary trash, and constantly produces new “stuff” at mass quantity into our environment. M5 Eco Couture is aiming to eliminate these things from our fashion by recycling vintage garments produced in mass quantity over the last 50 years. Watching the oil spill in the Gulf happen this year made me so disgusted that I was inspired to really start working on my idea, and, after tons of research, I found others feel we should start creating a sustainable society as well.

Have you ever dated someone that was a walking fashion faux pas? If so, how did you handle it?

Ha! I calmly explained that her old punk band t-shirts would be better off recycled in my clothing collection (because they had washed small) and that tennis shoes worn in public should never have holes in them. And that yes, skateboarding was wicked cool, but jeans that hit the deck were not so cool. It actually worked great, and on her own, she worked it out without me having to say more than that.

Project Runway is a huge hit! It has really turned fashion into a spectator sport for the average Joe and Jane! Would you ever consider competing on the show?

I have interviewed 3 times so far, and each time it has pushed me to grow into a new plateau of my career. I have had many discussions with Tim Gunn, but never cast on the show. My first time trying out I was in line outside a hotel for 6hrs waiting for my chance. I have always found the audition process helpful to my progress because they have amazing advice on how to perfect your fashion, and become a better designer.

So far who is your favorite Project Runway guest judge and why?

I am a die hard Tim Gunn fan at this point just because I feel he has always pushed my career and given me good advice during auditions I have experienced.

What three words would you use to describe fashion in L.A.?

Hipster Casual, Hollywood Characters, Cliquey

Miss Morgan that’s five words…but I’ll let that slide because I know you live and play by your own rules!

What should we expect to see gliding down the runway at your next fashion show?

M5 Eco Couture is doing a fashion show Oct 22nd at Boulevard 3 with Fashion Minga. I am concentrating on making a sexy collection of pieces made from recycled materials only, including dresses, jackets, and corsets.

Which celesbian would you love to play dress up with?

Portia De Rossi. I love to make dresses. She is gorgeous in a dress.

Find out more on Morgan Olson at

About the Author: Julia ‘Vixen’ Romeo is a writer and is also the founder of the burlesque group The Pin Up Girls. You can find out more about her by visiting

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